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Trip with 1 bus, December 16 to 19 2023

Embarking on a journey that commenced in Delft, three boys embarked their trip to the Polish-Ukrainian border. This particular expedition bore the festive essence of Christmas, infusing the journey with a spirit of joy and benevolence. Their expedition commenced with the necessary preparations, as they packed their busses at our designated supplier in Friesland. The route then led them to the city of Krakow, marking their first stop. The next day, the trio continued their journey, this time heading towards Przemysl. When they arrived, they carefully unloaded the busses, a cargo filled with essential goods.

On the third day of their expedition, the trio did a bit of sightseeing in Przemysl, immersing themselves briefly in the local surroundings. Thereafter, they made their way to the Hope Shelter, where their commitment to aiding those in need continued. At this shelter, they warmly welcomed and picked up six refugees, who would soon embark on the journey back with them to the Netherlands.

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