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Our trip from January 21 to 25, 2023

Last January, we returned to the Polish/Ukrainian border with 9 students and 4 buses. This time, the buses are filled with a variety of essential items, such as clothing, candles, COVID testing, blankets, mattresses, and much more! We distributed these products throughout Przemysl. Similar to last time, a sizable portion went to The Canada Way, where the same men continue to travel into Ukraine each week to deliver as much as they can to the communities along the front. War Animal Care International Corporation and Jay's The Hope Shelter share the remaining items.

The last time, Hope Shelter had just opened. Part of the group assisted with the construction here. The fact that the shelter has changed and is now a wonderful sanctuary for migrants was a truly special sight. We spent the day in Przemysl doing as much humanitarian work as we could. For instance, we traveled to the border to speak with UNICEF there so that they could now get in touch with us if assistance is required. Additionally, we provided transportation for roughly 25 individuals from the Przemysl train station to a Poland Welcomes shelter. We brought the purchases made by another member of our group at the MAKRO to The Canada Way. This is how we spent our time, met plenty of people, and heard lots of stories.

On January 24, we traveled back from Przemysl with 16 migrants and a dog. Like before, we transported these individuals to the Red Cross in Utrecht, where we said our final goodbyes.

With Keep Them Warm, we hope to provide a wide range of students with the resources and information they need to make an impact themselves. In the coming months we want to drive to the border several times and carry out many actions throughout the country. If you want to help yourself as a volunteer or want more information, be sure to take a look at our instagram @keepthemwarm or on our website

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